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Our Projects

UX Research, Market Research, UI Design, Wireframes, Web Development, Video Edition, Short Animation

Sort My Books

Accountancy software for Irish businesses – This project was focused on encouraging business owners in Ireland to reach for the expertise offered by SortMyBooks. All decisions made in the design process were well informed. We delivered competitors analysis, design and market research and expertise in UX and technical solutions. Information architecture and functionalities are the results of qualitative and quantitative research.

Sort My Books Website Preview
Design Research, Branding, UI Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Logo Animation

LinguaViva Centre

English Courses in Dublin – We started with rebranding – based on the school values and target clients we created new identity assets. The landing page we created after is a place where current and potential clients of Linguaviva can find information on English courses 2021/2022. We take pride in distributing such information-heavy content in an easily digestible way.

Health by Orla Website Preview
Market Research, Branding, Web Design, WordPress Development, Social Media Assets

Jane Feighery

Leadership Coach – This project was done under TOV web design scheme. The goal was to explain clearly the business and allow potential clients to book an initial consultation. All design is tailored to the specific audience of our client, therefore the look is professional and light.

Health by Orla Website Preview
Competitive Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design, Marketing Collateral

Health By Orla

For the nutritionist with a personal approach – We worked closely with Orla on her personal brand to assure her message will resonate with her clients. Web design with a booking system connected to Orla’s calendar helps her in day-to-day planning. Additionally, we created all brand collateral for the online and offline presence of Health by Orla.

Health by Orla Website Preview
Brand Identity, Web Design, IT Services, Development, Marketing Support

Pilates with Lena

Lena is a certified Pilates and Yoga teacher – We worked with Lena on her personal brand to show her experience, personality and energy. Brand identity elements are used in Lena’s website distinguishing her from competitors. A booking and payment system is also in place to allow smooth transactions for her clients.
Health by Orla Website Preview
In-depth Market Research, Brand Identity, Web Design, Graphic Design, WordPress Training, IT Consultations

XXL Lock Kennel

Excellence in dog breeding – For this famous dog breeder with over 100 k followers on TickTock and massive Instagram crowd the target was clear. To have a web that communicates high standards of breeding, the loyalty of dogs and the amazing relation they have with their owners. The web allows owners to showcase puppies and announce future breeding as well as present detailed information on their dogs’ ancestors.

LockKennel Website Preview
E-Commerce Web Design, Market Research, IT Consultation, Short Term Business Strategy, WordPress Training

Printing It

Enhanced quality in print service – For the print company in the B2B environment stepping into a B2C market is a challenge. We built a brand new web and helped to introduce a few products to the e-commerce part. The design elements are of high quality, the same as the services offered by PrintingIt.

Printing It Website Preview
Design Research, Mini-Branding, Web Design, WordPress Development, CSS styling, SEO assistance

Nolan Book Design

Book design for Publishers and Self-publishers – The goal of the project was to create an additional revenue stream based on the expertise of the owner in the niche. We performed competitor analysis and design research to optimise the customer experience of the visitors to the page.

Health by Orla Website Preview
Market Research, Wireframes, Web Design, Hard Coding, IT Consultation, Graphic Design


High-security self-storage – We worked on the web design after detailed UX and marketing research for the client. Tailored coding, icons, strong colour scheme are all the result of developing personas and planning user journeys. In this project, we collaborated closely with our client to gather as much information about their own clients’ needs and behaviours as possible.

Remedy Website Preview

Our Clients.

"Pear Design has rebranded Health by Orla and designed an entirely new website for me. I’m absolutely delighted with the final product and I will continue to work with them in the months and years to come because they understand what a brand means to a small business”
Orla Mc Laughlin (Founder of Health by Orla)

"With Pear Design's ideas and branding suggestions, my coaching became more visible on the market and is now standing out from the crowd. Having a unique logo, marketing materials, defined social media campaign and finished products, such as The Interview Master Deck, my clients know who I am and what type of professional services I offer."
Aggie Pulfer (Founder of Your Coach)