Rebranding for
Language School


Project overview

The Linguaviva Centre is an independent, quality-focused language school. 

Founded in 1977, they are Dublin’s oldest language school, built on a belief in excellence in everything we do.

The new owners of Linguaviva Centre Dublin approached PearDesign to partner up on the rebrand project. The project evolved towards Landing Page and documents creation.


Challenge & Solution

The challenge

The goal of the project was to communicate to the audience the change of the ownership of the company, sustain the trust of the current audience and reach towards new audiences.

The new look of the logo and branding should reflect the long tradition of the school and reach towards the future.

Fitting various programs, levels of training and accommodation information all on one easy digestible landing page.

Expertise applied

The project scope covered branding workshop, brand identity creation, web design and IT support.

• Branding sessions
• Competitive analysis
• Design research
• UX/UI web design
• Graphic design
• Video edition
• Logo animation
• Print design

The solution

• Branding sessions with new owners to create one consistent vision, mission and purpose based on the values of the team.
• Development of brand guides and brand identity assets based on the above as well as on the design analysis of competitors.
• Design and development of landing page connected to the various resources regarding different pieces of information.

Lessons learned

• Including various audiences in creating personas helps to make decisions on design elements down the line
• Discussing styles and competitors before the design process leads to more precise directions for design work
• The large volume of text documents with changes going back and forward requires improvement on our system for taking and applying feedback

You can find the full website under this link: Linguaviva Landing Page

Ian Brangan

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Pear Design. At The Linguaviva Centre, we are embarking on an era of new ownership and reopening after the pandemic. By focusing on our customers’ needs and aligning those needs with our own goals we were able to develop sales and marketing assets that we feel proud of and are enthusiastic to promote. The process was thoughtful, organic and timely. We feel we have built a good relationship with Pear Design and look forward to working on future projects with them.

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