How you build relationships with your customers?

Brand Strategy

A brand is a promise to customers. Strong brands are usually the result of a long-term strategy that guides how a company does business and fulfils customers needs. Strong brands don’t just happen! Are you ready to step up from simply selling your product to building relationships with your customers?

Brand Identity

All the visual language associated with your brand is your brand identity. Starting from logo, typography, colours, patterns, photo style it expands throughout your social media graphics, your web design, and all the way to packaging, print and gadgets. How do you want your customer to feel about your brand?

Our Approach

We work alongside our clients to create the brand strategy fitting their business needs. It is a multilayered work where the research, consultancy and workshops are involved. The main framework we developed throughout our years in business is modified accordingly to our client’s needs and goals.

Our Experience

The variety of projects in digital design, social media and marketing we completed, gives us a certainty the ‘growing mind = growing business’ approach is the best possible.

At PearDesign we are constantly growing our experience and gathering knowledge to serve our customers. Check our expertise levels on LinkedIn: Magda, Sebastian.

Logo Development

What is the actual value of the logo? Pepsi, Nike or Virgin Media, they all know the secret. A strong logo, even seen from the distance, even seen partially, will be recognised. Your logo with a meaning and story behind it will represent your brand for long years. A meaningful logo doesn’t have to be a privilege of the biggest brands. Small and medium businesses deserve a meaningful logo too!