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Is a 3k Budget Enough to Start Selling Online?

by | Apr 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered whether a €3k budget is enough to start selling online? When it comes to selling online and launching an online business, there are numerous critical aspects you may need to consider, from web design to branding and everything in between. Fortunately, with this in mind, today, we’re on hand to help you understand the key steps to launch your online business – and how much this will likely cost overall.

Is a €3k Budget Enough to Start Selling Online? 

Is a €3k budget enough to start selling online? This is a tricky question to answer, as it will inevitably depend on your business type, whether you have any additional expenses above the basic web design and branding, and the like. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases, a €3k budget should be more than enough to start selling online – and, if not, there may be additional grants that could help.

Expected Costs to Launch a New Business Online 

So, we’ve clarified that, in most cases, a €3k budget is enough to start selling online. However, this is only a generic statement, and there is no guarantee that this will necessarily be the case, depending on the type of services you require and whether you need additional investment. As such, with this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key costs for launching your new business to start selling online as follows; hopefully, this will help you work out the most suitable budget for your own business.


One of the first expenses you will face when starting an online business is the cost of hosting and purchasing your business’s domain name. This will often cost in the region of around €100 to €300 annually for your business, depending on the service provider you choose. Some may be more or less expensive than this, depending on whether you can get discounts or if you’ve chosen a fully-fledged website building software, which may be more expensive. 

Professional Web Design 

You could choose one of the in-built website templates when designing your website – however, for the best results, you should ideally choose a fully bespoke solution instead. These offer a far better solution for your business in many cases and will give a much more professional finish to your site, but you can expect to pay in the region of €300-€1,000 for the service through freelance platforms such as Fiverr.

This high price tag is often since professional designers may need to go through numerous rounds of editing and tweaking to create an effective design overall. As such, making things more streamlined can be an excellent way to ensure that your fledgling business saves a little money where it can.

Consultations with Market Experts 

Getting into a new market can be tricky; as such, while establishing your new online business, you’ll likely want support from professional marketing experts in your field. Depending on the type of questions you have and how much help you need from them, this could set you back between €200 and €400.

Site Security

Security and privacy are critical for your website’s success. With this in mind, we highly recommend investing in security packages and systems; it will usually set you back around €50-€100 as standard, but it’s a necessity for any new business. 

Copywriting Services 

Your brand new business website has the look – but without content, it’ll go nowhere. As such, unless you have the time to commit to creating text content for your website by hand, you may want to hire a professional or freelance copywriter to create expert content for your website. 

Notably, professional copywriters may be able to do more than just pad out your website, too. Indeed, they are also able to help with SEO research and may be able to provide content that boosts your website’s ranking in the search engine results. This, in turn, helps ensure your business is performing at its best, even from the get-go.


How are you going to help create an immersive experience for your website? Irrelevant of the services that you provide, having the most effective photos in place will often prove crucial – and it’s easy to see why. Indeed, photos of your services will help show potential clients what they can expect when they partner with your team; they also help make your website more engaging overall. 

However, while you could just use generic stock photos, professional photography will offer a much better solution for your business. With this in mind, you may want to factor in a professional product or service photoshoot as part of your online web development. These will likely cost around €200 for a basic photoshoot package, so it’s not a negligible cost.

How to Save Money When Launching Your New Business Online

We’ve outlined some of the initial costs that you’ll face when launching your new online business – but is there a way to save money on these expenses? 

Well, yes, absolutely! When you choose to partner with a professional branding expert, you can expect to pay around €100-€500 for their support – but this can save substantial amounts of money on all other aspects of establishing your website. 

By providing a clear brand image, you’ll streamline the process of copywriting, brand photography, web design, and the like; in turn, this ensures that other service providers are able to offer a more affordable rate, potentially saving you much more than you payout.

What’s more, it’s also worth considering whether you could benefit from business loans. Indeed, there are several potential business loans or grants you could choose, such as the Startup Refunds for Entrepreneurs scheme and the Start Your Own Business scheme.  

Final Thoughts

Starting a new online business online doesn’t need to be a major challenge, and with this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about starting your new online business today. 

Indeed, while launching a new online business comes with numerous things to think about, these don’t necessarily need to be a major setback – and launching your new online business can actually be very affordable if you take steps to optimize the process throughout. Fortunately, specialist web design teams such as ours here at Pear Design can help streamline the process overall so you can ensure that your new online business is launched easily and successfully overall – so, why leave things to chance? 

Reach out to us today if you’re ready to learn more about web branding and online development, and we’ll do our best to help ensure your new business begins selling online efficiently and effectively overall.

By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide