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Best websites for career coaches

by | Aug 31, 2021

Focusing purely on the web appearance we prepared a list of checkpoints for career coaches that are looking to get a website for themselves. Why some career coaches are more successful than others?

Career coaches are helping clients with better understanding the work market, preparing people for interviews, helping them draft the letter of interest, support achieving their goals without anxiety. Career coaches can point clients to search for qualifications to improve their strengths and skillset, and help with networking skills, even advise them in the social media area. 

The basic web page

of a career coach without any industry focus usually has 4 elements in place

  • Shows qualifications – what certification do you have
  • Offers a pre-call – check if your client resonates with you
  • Includes testimonials from your clients
  • Describes deliverables clients get after sessions

The medium level website

of a career coach ads a couple of points to the basic list

  • Answers the question on your approach to the client
  • Explains strategy, the process of reaching clients goals
  • Gives information on psychometric tools

The high-level website

usually goes a few steps further from the above. Career coaches in this group tend to earn more. The additional steps taken by the coach and web designer are visible on the web. This website:

  • puts the clients in the centre, touches industry pain points – addresses their feelings
  • contains content relevant ti the specific industry. 
  • helps clients make decisions quickly – smoothly leads clients to the pre-call
  • shows the Unique Human Point of the coach, the authenticity is there

Web design and revenue

Is it possible to increase the number of people looking specifically for a given career coach and willing to pay higher prices for his/her expertise?

The answer is yes. Here are the points to look at:

  1. Check what’s the level of your web design and its functionality – it determines if the rates the career coach is charging look in line with how it is presented
  2. Check if the website actually cuts off the clients which arenot within the niche of interest
  3. Make sure your authentic personal brand is shining through the website


Over the years in business, we gathered examples of coaching pages from all over the world that are standing out in terms of content tailored to the specific audience, niching down to one industry and excelling in communication. The visual design aspect is a secondary point of interest – from the experience, we know the visuals can be easily adjusted as long as the vision and mission are there and the industry the coach works with is determined. Would you want to have a look at some examples? Here we picked a few:

One of the examples of niche is coaching for doctors and helping them to do the best work without the sacrifice https://www.joyfuldoctor.com/

Some coaches are niching down even deeper, as https://www.nikkialdersoncoaching.com/ who works with lawyers, and specifically targets women.

We had the pleasure of working with a leadership coach focused on this specific group of professionals and aiming to be their ‘wing’ in the time of change. https://janefeighery.com/

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By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide