Building a successful brand for an exceptional nutritionist

by | Dec 14, 2020

Case study

We had the pleasure of working on a few different aspects of design for Orla McLauglin’s nutrition company, Health by Orla. Orla is an expert in nutrition. The company goal is to empower people to transform their health by knowing the right nutrients for them.

Orla works with parents of children with autism and ADHD to improve their digestion and help them to sleep, engage and concentrate better. She also helps adults experiencing anxiety or depression or simply those looking to improve their lives by picking the right foods for their digestion and get to the root of any gut problems.

The challenge

We needed to establish clean and clear brand visual language which would represent our customer values and appeal to her clients.

The visual language should be applied to all online and offline materials to keep the consistency of the brand.

The goal of the website was to allow customers to book appointments, buy services and simply contact Orla with their questions.

Expertise applied

We used various techniques and tools throughout the project. Branding workshop, qualitative research, card sorting, design thinking and training to name a few. We customised WordPress template to fit information architecture and tailored booking solution to our customer needs.


We started with a branding workshop to recognise the values, goals and mission of our client. Orlas vision of the future of her company was a driving factor for design decisions during the process.

We also proceed with market research to assure the Health by Orla brand language stands out. We designed the logo and assets, choose colours and typography.

Mapping the user journey was an important part of the process before visual design. We used a WordPress template with customisation to achieve our customer goals.


From the very beginning, we wanted the logo to be clean, clear and somehow depict the connection between the guts and brain. Rotating the logo by 90 degrees gives the shape similar to brain shape which is then connected to the baseline. Logomark in this form works well with both smaller and bigger name of the company beside it. We constructed the logo in black and white, this way it is easy to use on different types of background.

On the picture below: Logo options, chosen colours and leaves for Health by Orla visual branding. Fresh green and gradients are used throughout both printed and digital materials.

Health by Orla logo and colours

Having a brand language established allowed us to do the next step. We created a set of stationery where the consistency of the brand was kept. The picture below shows business cards, leaflet and mug.

Finally – the web design part. (The aim of the project was to create a friendly positive look with well-organised content. We had an access to text content, podcasts and videos which could be used for the website.

The photos were provided by Andy Davies from Celtic Photography. The video was taken and edited by Frame it Productions. The high quality of the materials is undeniable and influenced the crisp look of the web.

In the very last stage of the project, we built the eCommerce and booking facility to allow customers to interact with Orla. We also helped with technical details and provided training on WordPress for her.

Website elements HBO

Collaboration through Orla’s eyes

“Working with Pear Design has been and continues to be a fantastic experience for me. When you are particular about your brand but don’t necessarily know how to depict it, Pear Design will definitely know how to launch your brand to the world. They asked in-depth questions and got me to really focus on me, on exactly what I wanted my brand to stand for and where I’d like to see it in years to come. For me, this was an invaluable exercise and definitely added to the final result. 

Pear Design has rebranded Health by Orla and designed an entirely new website for me. I’m absolutely delighted with the final product and I will continue to work with them in the months and years to come because they understand what a brand means to a small business and they do everything in their capabilities to help you succeed with it. Thank you.”

Orla Mc Laughlin (Founder of Health by Orla) 

Lessons learned

The importance of listening. Knowing the current needs of our customer helped us to tailor solutions to fit her. In-depth interview regarding the onboarding process for her customers, contact patterns and programmes she offers was a base for information architecture as well as for picking plugins which are the most suitable for Orla and her business. It’s hard to overestimate the value of conversation and active listening.

Overcoming impasse. On a couple of occasions, we felt stuck. Once when we were in the ideation process for logo, and once with the overall information architecture. In both occasions, we met Orla to dig even deeper into her business. On the first occasion, we prepared a workshop on the value proposition, on the other – we used a card sorting technique to clarify all unknown fields. The extra time we took to think about the project resulted in better solutions.

Where to find Orla?

On the web:, on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter

Where to find us?

On the web:, on Linkedin, on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube

By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide
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