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Brand values and your goals – how it works?

by | Oct 19, 2020

Is it possible your internal values can be translated to brand values and help your company to achieve its goals?

To illustrate the situation I will use ‘Benefit’ example, the brand from San Francisco established in 1970’, came up with the idea of the brand and committed to living into it.

Initially, the business plan was to make $33 per day to break even…but the “face place,” their tiny original makeup shop in San Francisco’s Mission District, was bound for more!

Checking brand values to support goals

The company asked themselves and their customers to gather insights, to know more about themselves and their values. They wanted the brand to be authentic and unique. In 1990 they changed the name from FacePlace to Benefit. Through the vision and consistent work, they have now locations in 59 countries. Following the vision, they kicked off the ‘Bold is Beautiful’ project, a philanthropy initiative that partners with charities that empower women & girls.

Example of How do brand values help achieve the goals of the company?
‘Benefit’ current web 2020

Living up to the brand strategy is an everyday work of checking if the standards are where we want them to be. Are our employees following these same principles? Are the customers always facing the same approach and know what we stand for?

The power of values

Do you know what the janitor with the brush in his hand replied to JF Kennedy when asked what is he doing? He replied: ‘I am helping to put the man on the Moon’. That is the power of shared idea and beliefs. When JFK came up with a clear goal, established deadline and started campaigning towards it, he got the result before the actual deadline. He valued all involved, he appreciated every little help, motivated and encouraged others to follow.

JFK and Janitor - dialogue illustrates the power of shared values and goals
JFK and Janitor – illustrates the power of shared values

To summarise – when establishing the business, it’s good to be authentic in values and aspirational in the vision. Being aspirational with the values means there is a huge gap between current company operations and ethics and the future dream. It causes confusion and dishonest look in the eyes of the clients. Discover your brand values, they will help you achieve the goals of your company!!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide