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It’s hard to stay calm and plan for your business in a time like this. The best we can do is to help one another for FREE. We’re offering free web and e-commerce consultations for SMEs in Ireland.

This week we helped a wonderful family business to find a way to reach their audience. They reduced working hours and doing their best to nad leave anyone behind. Since the lockdown, they reduced numbers in their teams, they minimised the risk but kept going. They are fighters and they want to stay in the business.

We are happy they turned to us to get a fresh look and gather knowledge 🙂 Much appreciate your trust, Gary!

Doesn’t matter if you are a builder from Galway, coach from Wexford or cleaner from Cork if you want to go online – we can help. After a half an hour you will have a full list of what is necessary to shift and boost your online business.

Use the 30 minutes of FREE consultation to gather all the information your business needs.

We are happy to offer free help for small and medium business. We believe what goes around, comes around. Contact us here or via Linkedin.

By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide

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