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What do you want your website to do for you?

by | Mar 8, 2020

And how to make sure it does?

Each business model has different goals. Therefore your website can be a tailored and powerful tool to achieve them. Some businesses need a website to sell products or services, some are happy to provide information, others are there for the pure entertainment of the viewers. Here are the 4 main ones. Which one is yours?

Graphic showing online sale elements
Online Sell

Sell, Sell, Sell

The most successful e-commerce websites are designed with a lot of attention to details. The visual side is very important, but not the MOST important.

From experience, nothing puts potential buyer off as quick as a slow process. The user journey and making the buying process as smooth as possible requires at least a bit of knowledge on user experience and user interface design. 

Making the e-commerce mobile friendly assures you maximise the size of your audience. 

Graphic showing man on his computer searching for information
Searching for information

Inform your customers

For the purpose of informing your audience about your services, the user journey looks totally different than e-commerce one. The accuracy of the information, text content, visual design are very important here.

Easy to use contact forms, well-organised information architecture and page structure are all the factors helping your customers to find what they are looking for and get help if needed.

Your audience will look at ‘tips and tricks’, check on ‘how-to’s’, so effectively learn something new. Your success depends on how will you approach passing the information, how good you know their expectations.

Entertain your audience

To showcase entertaining information on the sport, celebrity news, movies arts the approach to design will be different again. Due to a lot of visual content, pictures videos the content design is very important. 

This type is usually full of updates, new content every day. Thinking about making the update process smooth for you will be helpful. Due to the variety of content web design itself should be consistent and clear. Your audience will appreciate the visual hierarchy as much as a good laugh on the content itself.

A girl looking at social platform on her computer
Online services

Offer your service

How to convince the audience your service is better than your competitor? Building a website which will show you are trustworthy, demonstrate your expertise can help them to make up their minds while screening your website.

Publishing testimonials, presenting case studies and enhancing your uniqueness are the magic 3 to remember about. The market position and relevance of your services to the customer needs are scored in his/her head after the first 10-15 seconds on your web. 

No matter you are a hairdresser or a lawyer, your website creates a feeling about your service very quickly. The first impression is a top priority here

Graphic showing group of people building the website
Web design for a purpose

What is your website purpose?

Knowing it will help you to use your web as a tool and convert more customers. 


Do you believe, being immersed in the business creates the bias and a desire to show it all?

Did you spot, getting your head around primary and secondary information can be tricky? 

We are happy to help you build an effective website that is connected to your WHY and achieves its desired purpose.

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By Magda Pear

Magda is a Brands Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with businesses worldwide