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About Us

Our mission is to help businesses build strong brands and grow online.

Who We Are.

We are a digital design agency with a strong connection to branding, data analysis and user experience design. Our mission is to help businesses build strong brands and grow online. We design websites that help our clients reach their goals.

We value honest feedback, responsibility and equality. 

Understanding before solution

Where creativity and research helps businesses grow online


PearDesign is a team of curious and open-hearted people. We use our collective experience to create meaningful digital solutions. Therefore our creative, analytical, technical and artistic minds are busy all the time. We value empathy and honesty in communication.

We learn more with every single project and we are happy to help businesses grow online. Some of our projects are featured here. We are starting our Medium profile to share the learnings from web design processes.

Our Story So Far.


Website 2.0

Growing is inevitable – after gathering a lot of experience through 2020 we redesigned our website. We are happy to showcase case studies and introduce you to our team.

Growing in Pandemic Time

As for many of our customers and friends, this year was different than any other. We found positive aspects in this challenging time, and we are grateful we were surrounded with likewise people.

Creating connections

We were looking to team up with like-minded people and learn about businesses around the world. Networking and working with people and for people filled up all our year.


Website 1.0

Initially, our first website contained our freelance projects from the previous years. We were happy to introduce our ‘child’ to the World Wide Web

Starting our Freelance

We loved the side projects while working full time. For friends, for people from the other side of the globe. We’ve learned a lot from freelance.
2012 - 2016

Design & Print

Small print, large print, digital design, time and team management – to say the truth – it was one big lesson of the English language too! We appreciate this period a lot.

Arriving in Ireland

Time of big decisions – personally and professionally. We moved to Dublin ready to learn about the Irish nation, excited to experience new challenges.

2006 - 2010

Polish Chapter

First advertising agency established, first sales, first branding, first hard business lessons. Here our entrepreneurship spirit was born.

up to 2005

Pre-Professional Time

Immersed in art, surrounded by nature, absorbing all aspects of life. The golden time of studying, experiencing the culture and building awareness of the world and its rules.